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With us, Proptechs are no longer in the desert.

Within real estate there will be no time in the future where proptechs will play a smaller role than today. It will be the other way round where more and more Proptechs will be founded and will help incumbents to better fulfill their jobs. With Proptech operating models will be more efficient or assets will become more digital. And most of the solutions will massively improve the sustainability and thus will help to save the plante. Finally, some Proptechs will even attack traditional firms within the real estate industry. We believe in the transformation driven by tech. We believe in Proptech and we are here to help you to thrive. We truly believe in Proptechs and we admire what you do.

(Pre-)Seed Stage:

The product market fit

Entering the real estate industry as a tech startup might be one of the most challenging endeavors you'll ever face. Bringing your team, your investors and your solution at the same time together is critical. But no worries. We are here to help and to overcome with you the "first valley of death". We know how the industry works, we know the players, the investors and we can help you to shape your product to make it fit. Still heavily juggling with all the task of your startup-phase? Feel free to contact us. 

Scale-up Stage:

Crossing the chasm

You successfully started your company? You already attracted some interesting customers? You already earning some revenue? We love to hear that. However we notice that many Proptechs are facing huge challenges to cross the chasm from startup to scale-up. And within our special real estate industry this is even more challenging. But we can help you. From tailor made to manufacturing from people business to scaling go-to-market strategies and from one investment round to the next. We are here to cross with you the "second valley of death" and to develop your startup to a true scale-up. We would love to hear from you.

Grown-up Stage:

Market Entry Strategies

Often we hear that the German real estate industry is a closed shop. The market entry in such a market especially if it is not 100% tech oriented could be difficult. Therefor a strong understanding of the German market and the key players is crucial to succeed. The good new. We know them all. If you are plan to enter the market or if you are struggling with your current market entry strategy we can help you. Just get in touch with us and we'll work that out.

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