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Proptech is the key to handle whatever crises - now and in the future

Over the last one or two decades corporate real estate firms did very well. More than hundred times I heard the saying that management must actively and almost willing-full fail to not succeed. Those times seems to be over by now and management needs to seek new strategies to overcome the current challenges.

Therefore tech could be a fitting and valuable answer to become better, e.g. with better understanding of the markets, faster, e.g. with a faster handling of transactions or more cost effective, e.g. with tech-enhanced process automation. Tech also gives the possibility to attract more and easily customers and business partners. Not to mention the additional user experience of state of the art digital services that can and will attract business partners and customers.

When it comes down to digital transformation, still for many mid-sized but even for top tier real estate firms the field has not yet been tilled. We still see tailor-made spreadsheet for valuations, stacking plans, lease collection and fund reports. Mistakes in those handcrafted solutions are unforgivable these days so companies need to improve their digital play.

Proptechs could be one reasonable answer to replace many ineffective current spreadsheet solutions. Their speed and willingness to help will be overwhelming for many incumbents within the real estate industry.

And if you don't have contact, just reach out to the associations like the ZIA or the GIF to get in contact with them. And with currently more than 500+ Proptechs in Germany alone, there will be also the right solution for you.

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